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Sælges: VICOR FlatPac 12V/400W/33,3A Switchmode Power Supply

Pris: 1340 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ PSU
Stand: Brugt
Oprettet: 13/01-2018


Andree Knott
24106 Kiel

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Pris 1340 kr.

I have one switchmode power supply for sale which comes from the VICOR FlatPac series. Its type name is VI-MU1-EQ. It has 400W DC-output power at 12V, so you may load it with up to 33A DC-current. The output voltage can be varied in the range of +/-10% (10,8V...13,2V).

This power supply is very compact and has a heigth of just 35mm. Its total size is LxWxH: 235x126x35mm and the weight is just 1300g.

This power supply has such a high efficiency that it needs just convection cooling from its heatsink, therefore it needs no fan for cooling (no fan no noise in the shack).

Possibly this power supply is nice for a medium size portable station or for a compact power amplifier.

I want 180,-Euro for this one (some 1340,-DKK) plus shipping from DL - or you pick it up here in Kiel.

I have offered 200W-types of this type here as well - for the case that you need a smaller supply and 12V/16,7A would be sufficient for your application. Of course the smaller version has just half the size...