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Sælges: SPDT switch 0,1 to 2,5 GHz

Pris: 5 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Komp. aktiv
Stand: Ny
Oprettet: 01/07-2017


Jimmy A
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Pris 5 kr.

Skyworks AS193-73, AS193-73LF: PHEMT GaAs IC High-Linearity 3 V
Control SPDT Switch 0.1–2.5 GHz.
The AS193-73 is a PHEMT GaAs FET IC high-linearity SPDT
switch in a SOT-6 plastic package. This switch has been
designed for use where extremely high linearity, low control
voltage, high isolation, low insertion loss and ultraminiature
package size are required. It can be controlled with positive,
negative or a combination of both voltages. Some standard
implementations include antenna changeover, T/R and diversity
switching over 3 W. The AS193-73 switch can be used in many
analog and digital wireless communication systems including
cellular, GSM and UMTS applications. Kr. 5,- pr. stk.