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Sælges: THAT 1646 line driver

Pris: 10 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Komp. aktiv
Stand: Ny
Oprettet: 23/07-2018


Jimmy A
4683 Rønnede

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Pris 10 kr.

THAT 1646 line driver. Kr. 10,- pr. stk.
The THAT 1606 and 1646 are a new generation
of monolithic audio differential line drivers offering
improved performance over conventional crosscoupled
designs. Based on a high-performance, fully
differential opamp and laser-trimmed thin-film
resistors, both families exhibit low noise and
distortion, high slew rate, and wide output swing.
The parts are stable when driving difficult loads, and
have short-circuit protected outputs.