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Sælges: Icom CT-10

Pris: 1420 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Radio HF
Stand: Ny
Oprettet: 11/04-2019


Andree Knott
24106 Kiel

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Pris 1420 kr.

I have a very rare Icom CT-10 here for sale which comes new/unused out of its original box. It waited a lot of years for a job inside a wardrobe. Even the original set of cables is included - just the manual is a scan from the web.

The outstanding of this RTTY-interface with modulator and demodulator is, that both channels (mark AND space) are tuneable in the range of 1275Hz up to 2975Hz. As far as I know, the demodulated frequency is fixed but the input frequency of each channel is mixed to this value. This gives a high selectivity AND a high flexibility. Surely this could be a nice option for digging in the mud while listening RTTY. It reminds to the professional modems of Dovetron, HAL, etc..

I want 1420,-DKK for this unit plus shipping from DL, or you pick it up here in Kiel.

I will add pictures later.

73 de Andy DH5AK