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Sælges: EXTRA-2 REV6 144 MHz Contest Preamplifier

Pris: 470 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Radio VHF/UHF
Oprettet: 11/05-2019


Gyula Nagy
Muskatli u. 4.
H-6600 Szentes

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Pris 470 kr.

High Dynamic Range EXTRA-2 REV6 144 MHz contest preamplifier. Built-in security input relay, +40dBm GaAs FET. Its detailed description published in the 4/2011 issue of DUBUS Magazine.
Its noise figure is lower and the gain is adjustable. It is mounted with input and output Schottky protection diodes.
Completed and tested: EUR 70,- with BNC females, EUR 75,- with N females, EUR 80,- with N male/N female (+ EUR 10 shipping cost). Also available tuned KIT. Pretuned PCB is EUR 50,-
Info: (updated)
VY 73! Gyula / HA8ET