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Sælges: WANTED: CGD-36 for JRC NSD-505

Pris: 123 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Radio HF
Stand: Brugt
Oprettet: 15/11-2019


Andree Knott
24106 Kiel

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Pris 123 kr.

I would like to find an option for an NRD-505 transmitter built by JRC.

This optional board is named "FSK-Unit CGD-36".

I have attached a picture of this board which I took from the manual of the
I also have added a picture of the NSD-505 transmitter - just that you
understand what I am looking for. If you have such a board which you
do not need or if you know a ham who owns such a transmitter which is
not in use, who maybe would agree to sell this board, please drop a line.

vy 73 de Andy DH5AK