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Sælges: Kenwood SM 220

Pris: 999 kr
Kategori: Amatørradio \ Radio HF
Stand: Brugt
Oprettet: 02/04-2020


Sven Hansen
4560 vig

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Pris 999 kr.

Kenwood SM-220 med BS-08 modul
Gerne bytte med andet amatørradio udstyr

The Kenwood BS-8 is a panoramic display option for the SM-220 Station Monitor when used with the TS-530 or TS-830S. The BS-8 installs inside the SM-220 without soldering or special tools. (Minor wiring is required for the TS-520S or TS-820S units). The SM-220 then can display a ± 20 kHz or ± 100 kHz portion of the spectrum. The pan display employs a logarithmic compression system, so weak and strong signals can be monitored simultaneously.

BS-8 pan scan modul
BS-8 pan scan modul