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TP Radio TP8000 PC and Keypad Programming

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#1  14/06-19 14:32
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I have a UHF TP Radio TP8000.

I have used the keypad to program the radio but I can only program TX and RX frequencies for 5 channels with no CTCSS.

Does anybody have the PC software which enables 127 channels to be programmed?

The TP8000 is PC programmed via an IrDA link on the base of the radio. There is a special programming interface which looks like a TP8000 battery charger pod...but does anybody know whether you can just use an old laptop IrDA port to connect to the TP8000 IrDA port and then program the TP8000 radio without needing the special programming interface?


#2  19/06-19 00:21
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Svar til #1:

My profile seems to have got deleted so I have lost the useful reply on programming my TP Radio TP8000 :(

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